How To Disable McAfee

McAfee has been the most popular and widely used antivirus for decades for the protection of the system from malicious viruses, malware, and unwanted programs that may harm the system. There may be times when McAfee may be overprotective and blocks the programs that perform as per the user’s desire. In such situations, it is better to have knowledge of how to disable McAfee protection temporarily.

Ways to disable McAfee Antivirus on Windows

To disable McAfee Antivirus follow the instructions described below for a better performance of the system.

  • Look for the Notifications section where the Windows Taskbar is located at the corner of the lower, right side of the screen.
  • Next, Click on to the McAfee icon. This icon is pictured as a red shield.
  • Then, continue by selecting ‘Open McAfee Total Protection’ after the pop-out menu appears.
  • Then proceed further by selecting the ‘PC Security Tab’.
  • After that, click on the ‘Real-Time Scanning’ located on the left side of the menu.
  • Blanketing the McAfee Total Protection dashboard, the Real-Time Scanning dialogue is displayed. To disable the active scanning click on ‘Turn Off’
  • A message for confirmation will pop up seeking confirmation from the user in turning off scanning. To proceed to click on to ‘Turn Off’.
  • Then, In the drop-down menu below the ‘When do you want to resume Real-Time Scanning?’, a user can choose to re-enable scanning automatically later anytime.
  • Finally, for disabling McAfee Firewall, follow the steps mentioned above. Select Firewall instead of Real-Time Scanning on step no 4.

Thus, by following the above steps, a user can disable McAfee antivirus. This process can be used for Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 and also for temporary disable of the McAfee Antivirus.

How to disable McAfee on Mac OS.

To disable the McAfee temporarily on Mac OS follow the steps mentioned below for a better performance of the device.

  • Look for the McAfee Total Protection icon pictured as a shield located at the upper, right in the corner, next to the Wi-Fi icon and battery indicator.
  • Then, select the ‘Total Protection Console’ after the pop-up menu appears.
  • After the McAfee Total Security console is displayed on the screen, choose the ‘Mac Security Tab’.
  • On the left of the screen under the menu click onto the ‘Real-Time Scanning’.
  • Then the ‘Real-Time Scanning’ settings appear blanketing the ‘Total Protection’ console window. Continue with a press on the Lock icon located at the lower, left corner of the screen.
  • After that enter the Mac OS password when prompted and click on to ‘OK’ for continuation.
  • Then proceed with a click on the ‘On/Off’ toggle situated at the upper right, corner of the ‘Real-Time Scanning’. It turns off. The blue color indicates ‘On’ whereas grey indicates ‘Off’.
  • To close the ‘Real-Time Scanning’ dialog box click on to the ‘X’ located at the top left corner.
  • Finally, McAfee’s’ Real-Time Scanning’ function can be disabled. To discontinue McAfee Firewall follow the above procedure except for the Firewall, instead of Real-Time Scanning on step 4.

Thus by following the above steps a user can disable McAfee antivirus from the Mac OS temporarily.