How To Disable Norton Antivirus

Are you facing any insecurity with Norton Antivirus software in your PC and think to disable your Norton antivirus as it creates a problem in auto-updates or downloaded programs that decrease your windows performance etc. So here you will find some steps in disabling Norton Antivirus Software.

Disable Norton Antivirus on Windows 10

Here is the process of disabling Antivirus Norton in Windows 10. Follow the instruction carefully:-

  • First, you need to navigate to the notification bar and click on Norton Security in the taskbar.
  • Then you click on ‘Disable Auto-Protect’.
  • Next, you need to select the duration at the window of the Security Request so as to mark the duration for disabling Norton Antivirus.
  • Thereafter the process helps you to disable Antivirus Norton on Windows 10.

How to disable Norton antivirus Firewall

To protect your laptop or computer from internet threats Norton Antivirus has advanced firewall features. But sometime you may need to disable Norton antivirus firewall to install selective software. Many corporations prefer to disable Norton antivirus Firewall for installations of software.

Steps to disable Norton Antivirus Firewall include:-

  • In your Taskbar Notification area, click on Norton Antivirus software
  • A list will appear, scroll down the menu and select ‘Disable Smart Firewall’ to turn off the Firewall feature.
  • To confirm, you also need to mention as for his long you want to disable the Norton antivirus Firewall feature.
  • The disabling process of the firewall will be confirmed.

Another method to disable Norton Antivirus Firewall from Norton is stated below:-

  • Go to the Settings of Norton to disable the Norton Firewall.
  • In the Settings Menu, Select ‘Firewall’.
  • A drop-down list will appear, now you select the ‘General Settings’
  • Next, you click on the ‘on and off’ option to enable or disable the firewall respectively as desired.
  • Click ‘Apply’ and then specify the time for his long you want to disable the Firewall feature.
  • At last click on ‘Ok’.
  • This the process to disable Norton Antivirus Firewall is completed.

How to Disable Norton Antivirus on Mac

Sometimes situations may occur where you can face technical issues related in installing program etc on Mac follow the mentioned steps.

Some steps to disable Norton Antivirus on Mac is as follows:-

i. At a first tap on the folder of ‘Symantec Solution’ on your Mac Application folder.
ii. Next, you Double click on the Symantec Uninstaller.
iii. A list will appear, search for the Norton Antivirus.
iv. Click on the Disable Tab for disabling Norton Antivirus on Mac and confirm it.
v. In Authentic Windows type your name and password and then click ‘Ok’.
Your process of disabling Norton Antivirus is confirmed and completed.

How to disable Norton antivirus in Windows 8

Steps involved to disable Norton antivirus in Windows 8-

  • Open the Norton icon on your Desktop screen.
  • You will see a downward arrow.
  • Click on the arrow, you will see the ‘Advanced’ icon.
  • Then you will see a list of the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the ‘Turn Off’ option on Auto-Protect. 
  • You can specify the number of days or completely disable Norton Antivirus from Windows 8.
  • And now you can close the page. Restart the computer to complete the process.
  • Now you can install the program you want.

How to disable Norton 360 antivirus temporary on Windows 7.

It is easy and simple to disable Norton 360 antivirus in Windows 7. Go through the below steps to disable Norton 360 antivirus temporary:-

a. On the taskbar, look for Norton 360 at the right bottom of your home screen.
b. When you hover your mouse over the icon, then it will say as ‘Norton 360’.
c. Now right click on the mouse at the icon.
d. Then left-click the mouse ‘Disable Antivirus Auto-Protect’.
e. You can even right-click on the Norton 360 icon then you just left click on the ‘Disable Smart Firewall’ option. Hence, you disabled Norton 360 antivirus on Windows 7.

Disable Norton Antivirus Temporarily

It is not harmful to your device to disable Norton Antivirus for a temporary period. As sometimes you have to install any program that Norton you forbid. So to install such programs you may need to disable Norton Antivirus temporarily.

Follow the steps to temporary disable Norton Antivirus on Windows:-

  • Click on the Notification Taskbar of your Windows.
  • Right-click on the icon of Norton Antivirus.
  • On your screen, a list of security-related options will appear.
  • Tap on ‘Disable Firewall’.
  • Next, you select the option of ‘Disable Antivirus Auto-Protect’.
  • State the period for how long you wish to disable the Norton Antivirus.
  • After doing so your device will be temporarily disabled to Norton Antivirus Software.

How To Completely Disable Norton Antivirus

If you want to completely disable Norton Antivirus Software in your Computer or Laptop for an undefined time period you can select the ‘Permanent’ option that appears in ‘Security Request’.

Steps followed in to completely disable Norton Antivirus are

Step1. Firstly you move to the Notification Taskbar. Click and open the Norton Security Icon.

Step2. From the menu list select the option ‘Disable Auto-Protect’.

Step3. A page on security request will appear in your desktop.

Step4. Here you need to click on ‘select the Duration. Since you want to completely disable Norton Antivirus you select the ‘Permanent’ option as your duration.

Step5. Now, Click on ‘OK’ as a sign of confirmation to completely disable Norton Antivirus Software Protection.

With the help of the above-mentioned process, you can easily disable Norton Antivirus from Windows either permanently or temporarily.

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